Still in distress

Still in Distress (2017) – 6′ x 3′ x 2″ – mixed media – $12 500

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About 70 countries still explicitly outlaw homosexuality, often with laws that are lumped in the same category as bestiality. It should be noted that some countries do not enforce such laws while other countries whose laws do not ban homosexuality, still systematically persecute and oppress their LGBTQ populations.

This work uses pink triangles to represent each country (and the relevant statute) that still bans homosexuality. The LGBTQ flag has been up-ended, as an inverted ensign at one time meant a ship was in distress. A halyard and toggle are attached to the right side (and they too have been up-ended).

This website describes anti-gay laws around the world:  Countries that Still Criminalise Homosexuality.

Here’s part of the process…