Recapitate Now! – The Quarter (ft McClung/Riel)

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Recapitate Now! – The Quarter (ft McClung/Riel) – 2018 – 4′ x 4′ x 2″- collage on wood panel – $8 500

This piece contains two icons of Canadian political history. They may be flawed, as are all humans, but they are still representative of the struggles of segments of our Canadian society. What struggles did these embossed monarchs put forth for our society? …….. loooong ,,,,,,, pause …… for a……. cogent reply …… that can never come…,,,,,

It is time we rid ourselves of these colonial vestiges from our money, our stamps, our buildings… Remove these heads and replace them with actual Canadians. Decapitate! Recapitate!

Here are some details from the work…

decapitated coin with reperceived lettering, over vintage wallpaper with overturned crown

lightning hits the radiated head of Riel – indicating both the lightning rod aspect of his life and his messianic characteristics

the sash of the Métis people

McClung kicks the previous monarchial heads

women’s voting pennants and ad for suffrage meeting

other tributes to McClung and a nod to the other prominent women involved in her cause