Love 365


Love 365 (2017) – 60″ x 30″ x 2″ – mixed media – $10 500

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Love… Hallmark wants us to believe that it has to be celebrated on designated days… well, this piece attempts to rip apart that societal trope. If you love someone, let them know… any ol’ day you want. To hell with waiting. To hell with buying (buying!!) a card. Appreciate EVERYday. Love EVERYday. Be aware EVERYday. Care EVERYday. Give EVERYday. Share EVERYday.  Connect realistically.

This piece consists of carefully deconstructed (and eventually shredded) pieces of actual, exchanged cards. It’s underpinned by the mantra: Appreciate EVERYday. Love EVERYday. Be aware EVERYday. Care EVERYday. Give EVERYday. Share EVERYday and framed by the defaced designated days of love: Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Halloween, birthday, Wife Appreciation Day, Husband Appreciation Day, Secretary’s Day, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day (Shouldn’t that be called “Feel Superior Because You Tricked Someone Day”?), Earth Day, Brothers and Sisters Day, Star Wars Day, Columbus Day, World Teacher’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day. There’s many more but, really, it’s already a monotonously trite list. It’s topped by the solidly wooden reminder that love should… must… be a daily thing and not just a “when you’re told to” expression. The artist’s signature appears on the back but it’s also incorporated in the front design,  as are the letters JDMG. The viewer will have to seek them.

LOVE 365.25 (the poem, slashed) – Eschew the Corporate Signals / Love doesn’t need an intermediary or a corporate buy signal. / Ignore the corporate buy-signals that are:  so-called special days. /That pressure you with expectations, uncertainties and monetary depletion / Eschew the cards / Eschew the flowers / Eschew the gifts of STUFF // Acknowledge love /Share Love / Be Love / EVERYday /Don’t buy love // Express / spontaneous, / unforced, / REAL love

Here’s part of the process…

The back contains leftover parts of  this and other creations (including bits of “Munitoba”, “McClung/Riel”, “Desmond/Douglas”, “Brutish Colunbia” and “Union Joke”). It also has the toothbrush used to create the fine spatters on this work and part of  the last card from the artist’s mother.

Love 365 - Back-2