Deperceive! (2015) – 7′ x 4′ x 2″- $22 500

For a hi-res version, click on the image above.

Perception. We often forget that it’s individual… dependent on our particular position… in space… in time… in intellect… in society… in culture….

This craggy, heavy piece uses wildly textured plaster as its bedrock.  Poured house paint and laser-printed numerals and letters were added to disrupt the viewers’ perceptions of not only the earth itself but … of words… of time… of their realities. This disruption… this deperception… can lead to reperception.

The work was inspired by an Australian-made map which featured that country near the top. This lead to the paradigm-shifting realisation (for the artist) that there’s no up or down in space. And that all the familiar maps were based on a Eurocentric vision – so obvious in retrospect…. d’oh!

This is part of the process (before being reperceived). Nothing much remains except the slashed-plaster textures and some of the colours. The theme evolved from despair for world peace to inspiration for change.