Brutish Colunbia – The Flag

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Brutish Colunbia (2017) – 6′ x 4′ x 2″- mixed media – $22 500


Evident in the sheer coloniality of its name, the province of British Columbia has too long reveled in its supposed Englishness. The province’s flag prominently featured the Union Jack until 1960 but it failed to ditch that colonial remnant, instead choosing to incorporate it into a newer design along with yet another symbol of colonial oppression: the crown. This piece displays the vestiges of colonial eponyms interspersed with indigenous alternatives. Also hidden within are a number of headlines from yet another pointless, costly royal excursion to the no-longer colonies… siiiiiiigh. Oh… and look for the Basquiat references!

Here’s part of the process…

BC Flag ProcessBC Flag & Map Process
BC Flag ProcessBC Flag Process
BC Flag ProcessBC Flag Process - Upended Crown
BC Flag Process