Brutish Colunbia 2 – The Map

Brutish Colunbia 2 - The Map  by JDMG -

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Brutish Colunbia 2 – The Map (2017) – 6′ x 4′ x 2″- mixed media – $22 500

The name just needs to be questioned… British?? Columbia?? A colonial vestige and genocidal opportunist? BC is NOT British and Columbus came nowhere near the place. The name should not be reflective of an imperial oppressor nor should it contain the name of a man who would have gladly enslaved or eradicated the original inhabitants of the area. It’s time to give this province a name that respects the people who live in it. This work offers alternate names. Choose one or pick another but CHANGE it!

Here’s part of the process…

The piece was made with acrylic paint and printed transparencies. It provides some alternate names for the province while giving a reminder of the indigenous languages that existed pre-1492 and which are inelegantly reproduced here in roman orthography. There’s also a list of all the places and things around the world which are named after a certain Italian genocidist. Certainly one less eponym would not be missed. The viewer will also find an over-wrought poem that stretches a tenuous analogic pun a bit too far.

Brutish Colunbia 2 - The Map (rear-view) by JDMG -

Brutish Colunbia 2 – The Map (rear-view) – contains signed poem and elements of this and other works by JDMG. Signatures appear on stretcher bars and canvas.